Planikovica V\3
21223 Okrug Gornji, Trogir
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Okrug Riviera


The city of Trogir is situated in Central Dalmatia, 25 km west of Split, on the southwestern end of the Kaštela Bay.
Situated in the area of mild Mediterranean climate, it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Croatia.
Trogir is a “city of monuments” with 2800 years of history and life, giving the world a beautiful picture of 
cheerfulness and cultural prosperity, a true museum city.

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It is a marvelous experience to visit it, where you can immerse in the past walking along narrow streets filled with stone

facades, old portals, heads of various human and animal motifs, and the very entrance inside the sacral buildings reveals

some, more or less known, details form the past. The old town centre is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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Visit the city of Trogir and feel the beauty of ancient monuments, mystical streets and the harmony of colour and

works of art. Take a stroll through the narrow streets during the Trogir Summer festival and enjoy folklore dances

and outdoor concerts… Trogir is one of those cities that are best to visit under professional guidance of a tourist guide.

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